5 tips for young college athletes

16th March 2014

I thought I would try and offer some advice from my experience in sport, turning from a college athlete to a full-time professional.

Studying for me at Washington State was important, as it gave me an insight into different areas of life away from sport. I always made sure I was on top of my studies before going to track or travelling away with football.

The training regime is certainly different now to what I did back in college. I am training throughout the week, instead of having two to three days off. As a professional I am training everyday on the track or lifting at the gym. Everything is more advanced.

I’ve noted down 5 tips I hope you may find useful…

1. Be teachable.

As the level of competition is different. The information from your coach in the transition is even more important to listen to and soak up.

2. Nutrition.

Your nutrition is very important. Learn about food and how to cook!

Jeshua Anderson

Jeshua Anderson winning a fourth Pac-10 title in 2011 – Photograph courtesy of Washington State University Athletic Communications

3. Learn from the best.

Study your event thoroughly. There are many hurdlers I look at via YouTube and try and see what they’ve done to have plenty success in the sport. Looking at every segment of their race. Taking something from greats and adding it in my arsenal.

4. Aim high.

Never settle for anything. There is always things to work on to get better. Nobody is perfect. But we work hard to “perfect” our craft.

5. Listen to your body!

God has blessed you with a body that is very complex and as an athlete in any sport it is important to have maintenance work done on it always. Nobody knows your body more than “YOU” do remember that.

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