Jeshua Anderson

Anderson on his team

5th July 2016

Jeshua gets his campaign at U.S. Olympic Team Trials underway this Thursday, as he heads down to Eugene Jeshua reflected on Team Anderson…

“The big thing for me is selecting a team around you that feels like a family. Everybody I am around and supporting me from former WSU to my website guys, we’re a family. That should be the go to for any student-athlete leaving college – to create a family around you that you can bounce ideas off. Everybody is all on the same court knowing what you want to accomplish. Encouragement and support is a big part of the journey. I am harsh on myself and I don’t get as much rest but those people around me keep me checked.”

Coach Mark MacDonald

“I’ve been training with Coach Mark MacDonald since my freshman year in college. I’ve had a lot of success with him. He’s a former Cougar who ran on the track team back in the 1980s. He ran the 400m hurdles so has a lot of insight for me on the event. We had some great years together throughout my college career. He knows me better than anybody coaching wise. That’s important for my sessions and knowing how my body will react.”

Tim Manson

“I also work with Tim Manson, he’s my Strength & Conditioning Coach. He’s a former 800m runner went to Washington State as well. He was there the same time that Coach Mac was, so they were teammates in the late 80s. WSU were dominating at around that time. Tim has a huge history working with amateur athletes, professional athletes. He puts together a great workout programme to get you as strong as possible but also to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. He’s a big piece of the puzzle.. both Mark and Tim are. They work together very well. It’s great to have a staff of WSU alum.”

Rick Sloan

“Another person is Rick Sloan. He’s the former head coach at WSU and a great go-to for us. He oversees what we are doing, getting my mindset ready for competition and how to approach the season. He’s a huge part of the programme.”

Duncan Mathieson

“Duncan is a former decathlete who really understands the sport. His company Realis has been a great support to me. It is a crucial part of athletics to have a sustainable footing. Realis have really allowed me to concentrate on practice as I’ve built up to Olympic Trials. I can’t thank them enough for how they have helped me.”

Angelica Anderson

“Of course there’s my wife Angelica, she’s a doctor of physiotherapy. She’s been key in keeping me healthy. It’s a blessing to have those four components around me. I have a great team in all facets of my life – staying fast, getting strong, being healthy and performance on the track.”

“There’s a lot of people who have contributed to help me to get to this point, at an elite level, were I am ready to go.”



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