Jeshua training

‘Training focus is working’ Anderson

26th January 2014

After moving to the World Athletics Center in September, Jeshua Anderson is looking forward to the new track season.

The 400m hurdle star will concentrate on his outdoor competitions this year and knows the work he has been putting in under the guidance of Dan Pfaff, Andreas Behm & Stuart McMillan is showing signs of starting to pay off.

“Training has been going great. I’ve been doing a lot of speed work, compared to my training in college,” Jeshua explained. “Prior to coming to the World Athletics Center there was a lot of work on hurdle technique.”

“I can see where the speed work is starting to translate to my hurdling.”

“It’s late January now and we are just getting over hurdles. I can see where the speed work is starting to translate to my hurdling. I’m getting to the hurdles quicker, and that’s always a good sign.”

Jeshua has also spent time working on his block starts alongside his running form two aspects of his training that has been focus so far.

“The two big things that I have been working on that has been different to the training I did previous are: a concentration on my running form and posture; and my block starts and block work.”

“I haven’t spent a tremendous amount of time on block work before, I can see the work on that paying off. It’s started to translate to the track. It takes constant repetition for your body and that muscle memory to start to click.”

It’s been a busy few months for Anderson who moved his life to Phoenix in preparation for the new season, and so far he’s delighted with the move.

“It has been a great training experience and I look forward to having a big year this year. A lot of events have been happening for me to adjust to with new training, new coaching staff, and getting engaged! It will be an exciting year for sure.”

“The atmosphere is great. Everybody has the same goal, coming in, getting the work done and having fun doing it throughout every session.”

“We laugh and play around a little bit but when its time to work we get down to it and put in the hours to get better each day. We do have some characters on the roster that makes it fun. Whenever you’re doing something that you love and your having fun with it, its always a good sign.”



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